The Alliance of Lithuanian Consumer Organisations sees its ranks bolstered by three new members


The Alliance of Lithuanian Consumer Organisations celebrates its rapidly increasing ranks. Three organisations have joined the alliance – the Finance and Credit Management Association (FiKVA), the Insurance Policyholders Association and the Personal Privacy Protection and Data Security Association (APGIDA).

FiKVA – the Finance and Credit Management Association is comprised of specialists with the best expert knowledge in the area. The association led by its President, Marius Jansonas, has been performing educational activities for eleven years now, organising educational seminars about loans, finance management and investment together with attorneys, jurists, insurance and pension specialists. The organisation constantly seeks to establish cooperation with foreign partners for offering association members advantages in crediting and investment, pension accumulation, and other questions. The association’s mission is to seek quality and responsible representation of the members of the Finance and Credit Management Association in banks and other financial institutions when negotiating for more favourable contract conditions, and to educate the public on questions of particular relevance today related to finance, credit management and safe investment.

The Insurance Policyholders Association is a non-governmental organisation operating since 2014, which represents and consults consumers regarding legal aspects of insurance relations. “The founding of the Insurance Policyholders Association was sparked by the knowledge that Lithuania does not have a single non-governmental organisation representing customers in the legal aspects of insurance relations. The interests of insurers are defended by professional attorneys, while customers who are not professionals in the area struggle to defend their rights,” the association’s president Tomas Paulauskas says. The association’s main goal is equal partnership between customers and insurance companies, based on mutual recognition, respect, legality and the correct upholding of rights and duties.

APGIDA – the Personal Privacy Protection and Data Security Association is headed by Vaidonė Tamošiūnaitė. The recently founded non-governmental organisation focuses on improving private data protection regulation in Lithuania and creating a safer online space for users. One of the association’s main goals is to help users protect themselves from unwanted advertising, uphold their rights at the data level, particularly in relations with business subjects and various service providers.

We are glad that the experience accumulated by our new members will allow the alliance to represent the interests of Lithuanian consumers more effectively and comprehensively. We wish new members luck in their work!