The Alliance of Lithuanian consumer organisations established in 2012 unifies 12 consumer associations. Those associations are Lithuanian Consumer Association, Lithuanian Consumer Union, Consumer Rights Protection Centre, Lithuanian Association of Bank Customers, the Lithuanian Citizens Advice Union, National Association of Financial Services Consumers and Association “For the fair banking”, Mažeikiai Consumer Association, Consumer Rights Institute, Finance and Credit Management Association (FIKVA), Insurance Policyholders Association and Personal Privacy Protection and Data Security Association (APGIDA).
The president of the Alliance dr. Eglė Kybartienė is the president of National association of financial services consumers and the member of European Consumer Consultative Group (ECCG).
The main goal of the Alliance is to represent the interest of Lithuanian consumer association’s interests in governmental institutions, business structures and non-governmental sector on the national and international level.
In order to achieve these goals the alliance works in these main areas:
  • Participates in the preparation of legal acts related with consumer protection and makes proposals how to improve the consumer rights’ protection system. Members of the alliance participate in various governmental workshops for example in the State Consumer Rights Protection Authority, in the Council of consumer rights protection (advisory institution of Lithuanian Republic Ministry of Justice) in the Central Bank of the Republic of Lithuania; Tripartite Council of the Republic of Lithuania (institution acting on the equal partnership basis and consisting of representatives from the Government of the Republic of Lithuania, trade unions and employers organisations solving social, economic and labor problems and in such way seeking to maintain social peace and order in the society), Consumer Rights  Supervision Committee discussing relevant consumer issues.
  • Cooperates with non-governmental organisations, business associations and universities.
  • Seeks to create an alternative dispute resolution framework and to participate in EU alternative dispute resolutions in activities of the association.
  • Members of the Alliance actively conducts researches, trainings, and organizes conferences and seminars;
  • Represent Alliance members and Lithuanian consumers’ interests in governmental institutions, courts, non-governmental organisations also in international organisations and other institutions.
  • Members of the Alliance represent consumer interests in EU institutions for example in the European Consumer Consultative Group or in the Payment Systems Market Expert Group
  • Spreads information about consumer associations work on the national and EU level
  • The Alliance represents Lithuania in The European Consumer Organisation (BEUC)
Our ID number in the EU Transparency Register: 506497923503-90.